Increasing Manufacturing Productivity With A MRP/ERP/MIS System

Published: 12th February 2010
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Benefits of MRP II

MRP II benefits include improvements from design and management to financial arena improvements. For management, MRP II provides a method that is systematic for everyone in the company to follow so that everyone is on the same page in how to manage the business and events that cause company problems. Records management becomes better improved in an environment for MRP II. Customer needs are of the highest importance and deliveries become faster when MRP II system adherence occurs. If deliveries are faster, there is quicker cash flow. Inventories and production systems become controlled better as do schedules. These are just a few examples of the advantages of MRP II system implementation in a manufacturing environment.


ERP is enterprise resource planning and takes into account the expansive topics of operations, commercial issues such as commercial planning and marketing, distribution, finance, and materials. Under operations, ERP handles capacity requirements, the flow of work orders, manufacturing systems such as for support, simulation and engineering changes, and the data management for the product is handled in the operation category as well. In the ERP commercial category is preparing systems for marketing, commercial planning, and conducting sales. In the finance category, financial planning, accounts receivable and payable are handled. In the materials phase, management of inventory is handled as is the scheduling and MRP. The distribution phase handles the product's distribution systems. An ERP system also handles human resources. MIS is a management information system. Both MRPs and ERPs manage information at a software level and are therefore in the category of management information systems.


Measurements can be used to ensure that the steps taken for MRP II are functioning. Utilizing Systems for MRP can help grow the bottom line for companies that practice it. It can also aid in business productivity and in inventory monitoring.

CAM Integration and MRP

A relatively new capability is an MRP system that can act by itself but can also act with a computer aided manufacturing (CAM) system-integration of the two is possible. Usually, all of the material ordering is handled by an MRP system. The CNC programmer then needs to look at the MRP system orders to interpret them him or herself and input the information and drawing into the CAM system. Having a system that is automated where the MRP system communicates all necessary information with the CAM system will save time on manually inputting data into the CAM system and human error prevention will be aided.

There is a lot to gain from using MRP and ERP systems. There is always room for advancement in a business and these valuable tools could help any company become more successful.

Marc Anderes is the Vice President of Operations of Maloya Laser which specializes in Metal Manufacturing and Laser Cutting with advanced laser technologies, servicing aerospace, scientific, transportation, medical and machinery needs.

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